Pull Tab Archaeology!

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Pull Tab Archaeology!


Hi, my name is Jobbe and I create contemporary archaeologies. In 2014 me and my colleagues had some beers and laughs and imagined a typology of pull tabs for use in contemporary archaeology digs and for metal detectorists. A REAL typology, but with a grin on our faces to even dare such a ludicrous attempt. The same year and with some help I launched an actual typology vs 1 with pull tabs found in the Netherlands. Intrigued that we collected nine distinctly different types in no-time, we realised there must have existed many more!

Geekiness kicked in, got serious and proved contagious: soon colleagues and international friends started to send us new types! Quick updates op the typology followed, but we just couldn’t keep up. With new stock from Tjech Republic and Germany the totally new ‘European’ design was outdated within the time of a beer or two. Then a dream emerged and determination grew: we will go global a create a Pull Tab Typology of the World!

And yes, YOU can join the pull tab archaeology community through this channel, by sending me your pull tabs (or by supporting through Patreon)! We will create this typology together.If you help out, you will get a star on the Global Role of Honor and Global Map of Pull Tab Archaeology.

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