T-shirt now! Limited!

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

T-shirt now! Limited!

Many have asked me ‘where can i buy the shirt?’ Okay, for all you guys and girls interested, we now organise ‘Buy a cool pull tab t-shirt day’…It’s not really a day, you can order right now, if you like.

It will be a limited order, so just the amount to fill the number of requests. Prcing will be 24 euros (27,35 dollar), without shipping.

The tees are just a fun thing to make, and to spread the word abut pull tab archaeology. Please don’t think I am selling these to get rich on you guys. Indeed, If I sell a 1000 I would be able to buy a new car… but that’s not at stake here at the moment. 🙂 The money will go into making new video’s an a better typology, and the main part will go to a better quality organic cotton shirt. Not your flapping in the breeze sleeping-tee.

The color is marine blue (original), but black is optional if you insist. E-mail me your preferred size S,M,L, XL, XXL. It is an organic cotton unisex t-shirt.

Because sizes can vary across countries and brands, here’s some data: I’m 1.90 m tall and wear an L-size in this picture, which confirms to what I would expect from this size in Dutch context. – as to say: I usually buy L in holland. It is a slim fit for me – not your sloppy sleeping t-shirt. XL would probably also fit me ok but look a little more Northern American style. The distance between the two vertical shoulder seams of the L-size shirt is 45 cm, the length is 70 cm. The ‘wideness’ (outside measurement around waist) is a 100 cm.

Payment will go true paypal (probably) or direct bank transfer after I calculated shipping (it fits in a regular envelope). You can receive an invoice if you like.

Oh yes and include your SHIPPING ADDRESS!!

So if you are interested, let me know november 16 at the latest. You can email me at info@pulltabarchaeology.com


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