“Blik” a can exhibition in Deventer

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“Blik” a can exhibition in Deventer

Right now ,there’s a really cool exhibition at Museum de Waag Deventer about metal cans. Deventer has been the Dutch capital of canning since 1919 when Thomassen & Drijver opened their small factory there and soon became the largest producer in the Netherlands. It’s safe to say most, if not all larger producers of canned food and drinks in our country bought metal packaging from T&D or its successor Verblifa at one point or another. Today the factory is part of the Trivium Group, but still better know under it’s former name Ardagh. 

Did I learn a lot? Well yes, I did pick up some interesting lines, like the fact that canned food was already introduced in the Netherlands at about 1850.  The exhibition did not focus specifically on beverage cans, so there was not particularly much news on that topic for me. Bu if you are new to the topic, here will be enough for you for sure! Most intriguing to me was a dress made from can end made by a Dutch artist Hinke Luiten, but with can ends that have never been used in the Netherlands. Where on earth did she get those? Maybe I’ll drop her an e-mail.

If you want to visit, be quick, it’s only open until march 1, 2020.Museum De Waag, Deventer.

Oh and sorry for the watermark in the pictures, I pressed a button… 😉 

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