Pull Tab Archaeology Family 2020

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Pull Tab Archaeology Family 2020

Hurray The pull tab archaeology family of the year trophy has been awarded to…Bongers Family Wageningen!!! Pull tabs were send by all members of the family, from different places and in different shipments! And they sent social media pictures of themselves collecting! Do we love social media pictures! Of course we planned to hand over the award personally, but Covid-19 came between us.So, we devised something else and made Helga, Ilonne and their children SWEAT! Yes, we did ship the award to them, but in a locked treasure trove! On the secret Instagram account @Ermal_C_Fraze the family then had to answer a password question and where then presented a series of pictures, which, if traced one by one in the right order, would lead to the key, buried under a pull tab on a tree in the middle of nowhere.

We thought the family would bike there, but no, the sturdy outdoor family went on a 2 hour hike on foot! And found the well deserved key to finally obtain their trophy and the right to call themselves PULL TAB FAMILY OF THE YEAR 2020!

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