Cultural practice in Italy and Spain

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Cultural practice in Italy and Spain

We received a lovely contribution by Agnese (from Italy I guess) on my other website about cultural practices with ring pulls! How cool! This was completely new to me. Let me know if you have done this, too!

Message from Agnese: “Hi,I have some information that may interest you regarding pull rings.I found your videos on youtube and i was very interested in them since it was an odd topic and i have a lot of pull rings. A popular thing to do in my country came to my mind and i wanted to share it with you. In Italy it is common to say the alphabet while taking off the pull ring, a letter for every up or down (i hope it’s clear) until it comes off, the final letter is the initial of the person who loves you. “

“Some even flip the pull ring like a coin, one side means it’s the initial of the name while the other of the surname. I’m quite sure people do this in Spain too. Many teenage girls i know collect the pull rings to which it was associated the initial of their crush or someone else they are kin of, often in key rings or in their wallet or in a box.”

Thanks Agnese!

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