I solved the mystery of these weird things!

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

I solved the mystery of these weird things!

I finally solved the mystery of the presence of these weird old fashion T-type pull tabs in my neighbourhood. I already had a sneak’n suspicion, but I didn’t want to indulge in my biases, but when I visited the Turkish (I think) grocery store around the corner, I actually bought a can with a T-IV tab! In Europe! In the Netherlands! What a day!

Oh it would be such a delight to open it! But can’t do that, have to collect this end for the collection. But maybe I will buy another one. The man charged me 1,50 euro for this one. “Very special drink, very nice!”, is what he said…but then he completely ignored my question where he bought these…

Actually, only just now I get a great idea. As this is the only shop that I know of that sells this drink and can, we can do a REAL dispersion survey, see how far away from the store these tabs can be found!

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