Meet Evan Jaworski

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Meet Evan Jaworski

Meet Evan, Pull Tab Archaeologist from Austin, Texas!In Pull Tab Archaeology we regularly meet people who care about pull tabs. However, those who entertain their own collection and artwork are rare! Evan surely qualifies! Collecting since approximately 2016, he has an extensive collection of statabs, and especially the older ring pulls. You can see some of them in the artwork behind him in this picture.

Oh and also notice the pull tab T-shirt he is wearing (and no, it is not one of our design). Most recently he found his first solid tab, too, one of the rare early types marketed only  between 1962 and approx. 1965. Even more remarkable, Evan is not a metal detectorist: he finds all his tabs on sight in washed out areas in local parks. “After every good shower, I can go back and simply pick them up”, he told us.

We were honoured to have a video interview with Evan last week. For him 10 AM in the morning, for us 5 PM in the afternoon. He explained why he collects, how this relates to his youth in Texas and what pull tabs mean to him personally. Stay tuned to this channel if you like to hear more. A video is coming soon! 

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