Meet Evan Jaworski, from Austin Texas

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Meet Evan Jaworski, from Austin Texas

This was really a nice one! I was contacted a few months ago by Evan Jaworski, from Austin, Texas, a 26 year old G.I.S. specialist and…proud owner of a genuine pull tab collection. It is rare that we encounter people who have their own collection, so I asked if he cared for a video interview. Which he did!

We had a lovely talk, in which I recognized many of the arguments behind collecting that I could have used in one breath, too! Like the wonder we can experience when we pick up one single pull tab and then KNOW this silly tiny object has an entire life of itself, that started with one unknown person opening a can, perhaps with friends or family, a lifetime ago and then littering the tab. And then the realization there are still millions of those micro-story-artifacts just everywhere we look. The part where Evan explains this experience and how this is followed by the desire to treat the materials respectfully, is definitely the part I like best in this video.

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