Big Clive Cat Repellent Device Tribute

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Big Clive Cat Reppelent Device

Big Clive Cat Repellent Device Tribute

Another kind of archaeology….

Big Clive has been an inspiration for years and although I often do not understand sh*t of what he is doing, he did inspire me to start experimenting with electronics and hurray, here is a result! An attempt to get rid of those pesky cats peeing just EVERYWHERE! The device (the Clive) has a “third eye of moisturized death becoming’ and a “mouthpiece spray nozzle of oblivion”. And a transistor, a resistor, a 9V battery, a 5V pump (being a bit pushed with 9V) and a PIR module.And yes, I see this kind of learning as a form of archaeology.

Here is the original Big Clive video about PIR modules:

Music by AEED.

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