Happy 2024!

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Happy 2024!

The International Center for Pull Tab Archaeology wishes all Pull Tab Archaeologists a happy 2024!
We made the shift to 2024 in good order here in our nice cosy home in Wageningen, the neighbors making sure nobody would accidentally miss the event with their expensive (and illegal ;-)) professional heavy fire crackers.

We opened the year with counting some batches that we still had laying on the desk, most importantly the batch 688, collected by students from Dr Nota Pantzou, of the University of Patras, Greece. They collected over 500 statabs….we suspect the student drank the contents of most of these cans themselves ;-). This makes the total count of tabs in our database 5258 pull tabs from 41 countries and about 99 different types. We crossed the 5k mark!

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