Art and Craft

Archaeology of Pull Tabs

The pull tab, statab and ring pull form an endless inspiration for artists, crafters and artisant of all levels and backgrounds. Here’s a few examples.

Clare Graham – Los Angeles

The amazing work of Clare Graham in the Craft Contemporary Museum in Los Angeles, USA. An entire interior made with statab furniture.

Clare Graham is well know for his craftmanship in creating artwork and furniture using over 15.000.000 pull tabs.

Alart Lakke – Leiden

Work by Alart Lakke

Artist and de-sculptor Alart Lakke from Leiden created several artworks from statabs which he has been collecting since 1991. The nature of his work is hard to translate for me from the Dutch language letter he sent us, but his work centres around creating absurd ecological anthropological suggestions.

Hinke Luiten

Work from Hinke. Sorry for the bad picture with accidental watermark (I pushed a button). I seem to have lost the high resolution and focussed ones

Dutch artist Hinke Luiten made dresses from can-ends, here at the exhibition ‘Blik!’ in Deventer Stadsmuseum.

Syl de Mooy – Leiden

Syl de Mooy, also from Leiden, creates pull tab clothing and furniture.