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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

World Pull Tab Typology Launched

Treklipjes: wereldwijd archeologisch crowdsourcing project

Contemporain archeoloog Jobbe Wijnen lanceert een wereldwijde archeologische typologie van treklipjes. Meer dan 70 mensen hebben aan het project bijgedragen, ruim 3300 treklipjes zijn uit 32 verschillende landen toegestuurd en bijna 100 verschillende typen zijn onderscheiden. Jobbe Wijnen is in 2018 het burgerwetenschapsproject Pull Tab Archaeology gestart uit onvrede met de ivoren toren mentaliteit van de archeologie.

Pull Tabs from Puerto Rico

As a swimmer, Charles Steiner sees pull tabs regularly on the beaches around San Juan, and decided to collect al few for our project.

A 6000 year old Neolithic coke can!

“Is this archaeology? I can’t see why it isn’t archaeology!” Archaeologists found a coke can in a 6000 year old silex (flint) mine!

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Berkeley notched bulbhead, by Paolo Sanchez

New Type: the Berkeley Notched Bulbhead!

A new type fell into our mailbox today! Sent by Paolo Sanchez and found a University of California Berkeley campus.  Paolo included a long letter in his shipment, explaining how Berkley is a university with roots deep in the 19th century and points out its involvement in the development of nuclear physics and the Free …

New shipment from the Nelsons

Another cool shipment from Tommy and Jericho Nelson, found at Burma Road outside Twin Bridges, Montana. Both junior archaeologists, as they like to call themselves, have already shipped 3 times before…and usually there are really cool or rare pull tabs within each shipment, like this 1963 ziptop tab on the left, the very first pull …

Nicholas Beaudry

Professor Beaudry wore our T-shirt on Canadian TV

We were on TV!! Well, our t-shirt was.. Pull Tab Archaeologist professor Nicholas Beaudry (UQAR Canada) wore our t-shirt when on Canadian TV! Really cool! See second 44 and on, but the whole item about this 19th century settlement is interesting to watch, of course. Good exercise for my rather rusty French.

Welcome back to hell

Guess who’s back! 😉We returned from a splendid holiday in Austria, slightly less ‘pulltabby’ than last year, and straight back into the mess of the office back home. A true killer for creativity. Time to clean up. Find the video on the patreon page, patron-only for now. but it will become public in a few days

We are so close to one hundred!

We are so close…to one hundred!

Today I counted how many types there are in the typology. Well…it’s 99 types! Which means, the next new type we find is number one hundred!!! Make sure you subscribe to this channel to witness that event. Or follow us on Patreon. Consider sending your pull tabs, too!Buy our World Typology and other stuff at …

Patron Update – what I have been up to this week

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The queer ones

The queer ones are always the most interesting

Last month @can.tabs.collector from Instagram sent me a picture which I almost doubted was real…until now. Joost Huijsing sent me a similar statab! But the weird thing is, how can it be that we never found this one before? With billions and billions of tabs produced every year, of every current type, the chances of …