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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

C-I type pull tabs

C-1 type ring pulls

This week we got two shipments on the same day, one by Attila Deszi (germany) and one by Joske Raymakers (the Netherlands), both containing one or more C-1 type ring pulls. Every now and then people send me these, asking whether they count as pull tabs or not. Well, yes they do, as they are …

Rusty Bunch

I am very happen to report our project was contacted by Kurt Matson of the Rusty Bunch can collectors (USA). The group is an absolute authority in beer and beverage cans. Kurt sent me a fascinating picture of his office wall, with many obscure and rare pull tabs and can-ends, and he prepared a special …

New Scientist – Februari 2021

Article by Laura Bergshoef for the New Scientist.

Yes We Can

With many others, Pull Tab Archaeology is supporting the Statiegeld Alliantie in their effort to get cash refunds on aluminum cans. Of course we do! [Dutch] De 1.109 leden van de Statiegeldalliantie vragen de Nederlandse en Belgische regering sinds 2017 om de invoering van statiegeld. Sindsdien is er zowel in Nederland als in België op …

Ivar put up our World Typology at RAAP

Ivar put up our World Typology at RAAP Archaeological Consultancy . How cool is that!?Get your typology in our Etsy shop:

New type news – S-IV-10

Pull Tab Archaeology, the discovery of the S-IV-10 Statab, a recent pull tab sent by Michael Heim, aka @Preacherdigger Find Michael’s channel here:

New type News – T-III-4

Lee Thompson from Titusville (Florida) sent us a new species for the World typology. It is a type very similar to the T-III-3 but with a tiny lip at the nose of the ring.