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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Nice cans from Justin Richards, Australia

Nice cans from Justin Richards, found in his sisters aviary in Murray Bridge, Australia (Batch 653). Justin wrote that South Australia had a ‘5 cent deposit can’ system since 1977 which changed to 10 cent in 2008. The coke can on the right has no date, but does have a UPC barcode, and an S-II-4 …

Getting crowded here :-)

Maybe it is time to start using smaller icons. Even the USA starts to feel a little crowded now Jae Piskovitz sent lovely 1963 zip top tabs from Nottingham, New Hampshire. See the full map.

Pull tabs from Festival Beach, Austin

Awesome shipment sent by Evan Jaworski in the Pull Tab Archaeology project. These pull tabs come from ‘Festival Beach’ Austin, Texas. Evan included a detailed description of the place and context where the pull tabs were found and included a GIS map indicating the area of the finds. And most importantly, Pull Tab Archaeology inspired him a …

Meet Evan Jaworski, from Austin Texas

This was really a nice one! I was contacted a few months ago by Evan Jaworski, from Austin, Texas, a 26 year old G.I.S. specialist and…proud owner of a genuine pull tab collection. It is rare that we encounter people who have their own collection, so I asked if he cared for a video interview. …

Ring Pull or Pull Ring?

This week we got an interesting e-mail from Gareth Stevens who informed us that using the correct historical name for pull tabs is actually quite a tricky thing, especially comparing the US with the UK. As an early metal detectorist – who built his detector himself in the 70s! – he informed us on the …

Meet Evan Jaworski

Meet Evan, Pull Tab Archaeologist from Austin, Texas!In Pull Tab Archaeology we regularly meet people who care about pull tabs. However, those who entertain their own collection and artwork are rare! Evan surely qualifies! Collecting since approximately 2016, he has an extensive collection of statabs, and especially the older ring pulls. You can see some …

Our paper is progressing!

“What if we, against all irony, create an official archaeological typology of ‘pull tabs’? It was this thought which provoked the just as much playful as serious archaeological experiment.” These are the (current! 😉 ) opening lines of an article about our pull tab archaeology project that I have been working on for the last …

Pull Tabs from Puerto Rico

As a swimmer, Charles Steiner sees pull tabs regularly on the beaches around San Juan, and decided to collect al few for our project.

A 6000 year old Neolithic coke can!

“Is this archaeology? I can’t see why it isn’t archaeology!” Archaeologists found a coke can in a 6000 year old silex (flint) mine!

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