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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

B553 Nelson

B553 Picture of Jericho and Tommy

B553 Picture of junior-archaeologists Jericho and Tommy (5 and 8 yrs old at the time) who sent some interesting tabs from Montana, USA.

New Type: the S-II-5 SASQUATCH

To honor the great help my project got from the Sasquatch Metal detecting community from Queensland, Australia – and in this case Lee Brown in particular – I hereby present the now officially typed and named S-II-5 SASQUATCH StaTab.

Pull tab hunting in a French fortress (part 1)

I went pull tab hunting in a 19th century French fortress! Part 1 of a 2 part series.

Tony collected 21.000

As a follow up of the Atlas Obscura video, we got a great response from Tony Green: “When I was 12, I collected more than 22,000 flip tops mostly from the Great Meadow in Central Park. I wrote a letter to the New York Times. They published this story on May 14, 1977. Alas, as …

The craziest thing I ever ‘bought’ online..

The craziest thing I ever ‘bought’ online.Came all the way from Louisiana, sent by Kerry Griechen. We only paid for the shipping. Really cool!!! (My girlfriend is less sure…)

Can ends sorted…sort of

There was a time, not so long ago, when I believed that all ideas just needed to be shouted aloud and this would be enough to get the great ones to stick. But times have changed. Some of my fellow vloggers and citizen scientists seem to think nowadays that scientific evidence can simply be denied …

Pull Tab Archaeology Family 2020

Hurray The pull tab archaeology family of the year trophy has been awarded to…Bongers Family Wageningen!!! Pull tabs were send by all members of the family, from different places and in different shipments! And they sent social media pictures of themselves collecting! Do we love social media pictures! Of course we planned to hand over …

Oops..broke the site…

Even though I consider myself to be an experienced WordPress user, I made a very silly mistake last week: yes, I actually closed my browser-window during a WordPress cms core-update…and it broke the site, completely. It only showed a white screen saying: ‘No such site available, go away!’ With some patience and luck I got …