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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Pull Tab Update 14

A tab from Vlaanderen by Steven and a word on the ‘Meer Straatwaarden’ conference on heritage and democracy. Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger & Reinwardt Academie. Want to see my presentation at Reinwardt Meer Straatwaarden symposium (In Dutch, sorry), go to 

Update 13 Secret code revealed!

Update 13 in which I show you a FULL vintage can which floated all the way from Ireland to Holland (sent by Ivar Schute) and reveil a SECRET code on beverage cans (thanks to a tip by Attila Dezsi). Listen our Focus Radio (NTR) interview on National Radio 1 here:

Can No 31

Indeed, not a beverage can, and not a pull tab either. This ‘Can 31’ in our database is a typical example of how all cans used to be up until the 1960s: made out of tin-plated steel and with no way of easy opening. This sardine can dates from the 1940s (we think) and was …

Pull Tab Archaeology at Saxion – Update 11

English subtitles available! This just was an amazingly fun project! Pull Tab Archaelogy at Saxion Applied University, Deventer. March 2019 Thanks to my pull tab heroes Sifra Verheijden, Danaë Evers, Betsie Balduk and Jeroen van Dijk. Also thanks to Annelies Berends and Pim Alders of Hogeschool Saxion for the support.

Research 101: Ring Pull Reference Bar

How to make a Ring Pull Reference Bar to quickly identify common pull tabs.

Pull tabs from Shanghai! Update 10

Update 10 of the pull tab archaeology project.

Made it to Canada

How cool, our t-shirt just made it to Canada!

Coolest ‘Unclassified’ ever

Although we focus on beverage cans, when Alex Muntenjager Josemanders sent a picture of this one, we were just so happy by its rugged vintage look and design, we just had to have it! Look at the size of her, more pullable and chunky and graceful simultaneously you will not find them. Its so…so… Barbapappa!

Update 09 – Spring!!

Update 09 of the pull tab archaeology project. It’s spring!

Everybody: Do Purbex!

New research 101 video on pull tab archaeology.