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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Pull Tab Family Map in Wageningen

When Remco, Ellen and their two sons Wouter and Jasper went for a walk, they turned it into a Pull Tab Archaeology exploration and clean-up adventure. The boys went looking for tabs and with help of Remco they made a map on which all artifacts were recorded with red dots and numbers that corresponded to …

The Pull Tab Pictures of Liz Betts

When people send pull tabs for the project, I usually thank them by e-mail and ask how they found our project. Often I just love the dialogue that can result from that question. When I asked Liz Betts (41) from Campbells Creek (Victoria, Australia), she replied that she looked up our project because she often …

Nice cans from Justin Richards, Australia

Nice cans from Justin Richards, found in his sisters aviary in Murray Bridge, Australia (Batch 653). Justin wrote that South Australia had a ‘5 cent deposit can’ system since 1977 which changed to 10 cent in 2008. The coke can on the right has no date, but does have a UPC barcode, and an S-II-4 …

Pull tabs from Festival Beach, Austin

Awesome shipment sent by Evan Jaworski in the Pull Tab Archaeology project. These pull tabs come from ‘Festival Beach’ Austin, Texas. Evan included a detailed description of the place and context where the pull tabs were found and included a GIS map indicating the area of the finds. And most importantly, Pull Tab Archaeology inspired him a …

Pull Tabs from Puerto Rico

As a swimmer, Charles Steiner sees pull tabs regularly on the beaches around San Juan, and decided to collect al few for our project.

Amazing shipment from Finnie

It was the school-year of 1985 to 1986 when college-buddies Tom, Pat and Finnie were making long hard days of engineering stuff at Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg. As students tend to do, they drank their occasional beers together to stay on top of life. Where and how the idea emerged to create one long chain …


B539 Colourful letter by Lara Band

Colourful letter by Lara Band, who sent 2 tabs from London and a coastal. village. Lara’s letter is an artwork in itself.


B543 Colorful tabs by Clare Graham

Sent by Clare Graham, professional artist in Los Angeles. As he clearly states in his letter, he wanted this to be a colourful contribution, and so he sent coloured tabs only! Clare also sent u a new type, now designated the S-X-2. Clare reused over 15 million pull tabs in his artwork. See his website.