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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

I solved the mystery of these weird things!

I finally solved the mystery of the presence of these weird old fashion T-type pull tabs in my neighbourhood. I already had a sneak’n suspicion, but I didn’t want to indulge in my biases, but when I visited the Turkish (I think) grocery store around the corner, I actually bought a can with a T-IV …

My finds of today

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Update 13 Secret code revealed!

Update 13 in which I show you a FULL vintage can which floated all the way from Ireland to Holland (sent by Ivar Schute) and reveil a SECRET code on beverage cans (thanks to a tip by Attila Dezsi). Listen our Focus Radio (NTR) interview on National Radio 1 here:

Made it to Canada

How cool, our t-shirt just made it to Canada!

Everybody: Do Purbex!

New research 101 video on pull tab archaeology.

T-shirt now! Limited!

Many have asked me ‘where can i buy the shirt?’ Okay, for all you guys and girls interested, we now organise ‘Buy a cool pull tab t-shirt day’…It’s not really a day, you can order right now, if you like. It will be a limited order, so just the amount to fill the number of …

Night of Archaeology at the State Museum – Update 6

Last week we had lots of fun at ‘Archeonacht’ the night of Archaeology, hosted at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, (RMO, National Museum of Antiquities). Pull Tab Archaeology has entered the utter vestiges of archaeology near the first archaeology faculty of the world (chair in 1818) and WE ARE HERE TO STAY! Thanks Jesper de Raad …

Update 5 – Visit us at the Rijksmuseum!

Update  5 of the Pull Tab Archaeology Project! Visit us at the ‘Archaeonacht’ Nacht van de Archeologie, Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden, Leiden, October 6, 2018. More information here:… Find Preacherdigger’s channel here:…