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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Night of Archaeology at the State Museum – Update 6

Last week we had lots of fun at ‘Archeonacht’ the night of Archaeology, hosted at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, (RMO, National Museum of Antiquities). Pull Tab Archaeology has entered the utter vestiges of archaeology near the first archaeology faculty of the world (chair in 1818) and WE ARE HERE TO STAY! Thanks Jesper de Raad …

Pull Tab Research 101

The first full research update of the pull tab archaeology project to help you be a pull tab archaeologist. The main information is about T-types and S-types. Good luck and please help us make a global typology by sending in pull tabs. Enjoy! Yes, there is a typo in the website url. šŸ˜‰ I am …

Update 04

With a little delay, here’s update 04!  

Project Update 03

Project update 03 is out!

Update 2 with help from Alex

  Update 2 is online! Enjoy! I also made a small bonus update for patrons on the patreon page. Don’t worry, all important stuff will always be freely available. I use the patreon-only posts to share thoughts and ask questions on how to improve the project.

Update 1-and-a-half

  Update 1.5. (The planned Update 2 was.. too boring. Will make a new one)  

Update 01

Click on the video for update 01.

Send us your pull tabs!

Dear metal-detectorists and archaeologists: Please send us your pull tabs! We dream a global community of pull tabs enthousiasts and specialist. Together we will build the ultimate and complete online pull tab typology of the world andĀ create a beautiful high quality print pull tab typology poster to decorate your office, house, or bedroom, whatever you …

Pull Tab Archaeology!

Hi, my name is Jobbe and I create contemporary archaeologies. In 2014 me and my colleagues had some beers and laughs and imagined a typology of pull tabs for use in contemporary archaeology digs and for metal detectorists. A REAL typology, but with a grin on our faces to even dare such a ludicrous attempt. …