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On this page you will find all our supporters. People who send pull tabs and  other supporters and patrons are mentioned below the map. A great thanks you all, without you this site would be impossible!

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If you send pull tabs the reward will be a star on the Pull Tab Global Map of all contributors (above) and addition to the Role of Honor below (That is, archaelogists tend to call it the Role of honor, detectorists  the Role of Horror. 😉


Role of Honor

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The World Pull Tab Archaeologists are:

  1. William Schroeder, shared his pull tab papers -U.S.A.
  2. Richard Kroes – Netherlands / Iran
  3. Ivar Schute – Netherlands
  4. Alex Josemanders- Netherlands
  5. Dwayne Beckers- Netherlands
  6. Marjolijn Kok – made our database structure! – Netherlands
  7. Marjori – Netherlands
  8. Erica – Netherlands
  9. Martijn Reinders – Netherlands
  10. Tjerk Wijnen – Sent tabs from Heesch, the Netherlands
  11. Remco de Kluizenaar and family -Wageningen, the Netherlands
  12. Ruurd Kok – archaeologist in the Netherlands
  13. James Flexner – archaeologist university of Sydney, Australia
  14. Michael Heim @Preacherdigger, Texas, U.S.A.
  15. Nadine Conradi – archaeologist Netherlands
  16. Daniëlle – Wageningen, Netherlands
  17. Lara Band – archaeologist London sent a new type!
  18. Nick Warmerdam -archaeologist -sent pull tabs from Mongolia
  19. Laura McAtackney, assistant professor archaeology, university of Aarhus
  20. Hilary Orange – archaeologist and University College London Honorary Research Associate
  21. Attila Dezsi – archaeologist Hamburg University
  22. Amber van Hooft (archaeologist) sent tabs from Malta, the UK and France (Strasbourg)
  23. Dorethé Disvelt sent ring pulls from the UK
  24. Arjen Bosman (archaeologist) sent tabs from Arnhem
  25. Line (artist) sent pull tabs from Chester
  26. Bondi Treasure Hunter (adventurer) sent tabs from Amsterdam
  27. Jesper de Raad (archaeologist) sent pull tabs and made a video:
  28. Henrietta (archaeologist) sent ring pulls from Lebanon
  29. Pim Alders (archaeologist at Saxion Applied University) sent pull tabs from Glauburg, Hessen Germany
  30. Mei Lin sent a tab from Grebbeberg 2018
  31. Petra sent a tab from Bosweg, Wageningen 2019
  32. William Hinson sent tabs from Columbia, South Carolina USA
  33. James Flexner sent ring pulls from Tasmania
  34. Madeleine Jansson sent 2 tabs from Shanhai, China
  35. Fuzzytiger Goodwin sent tabs from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
  36. Sifra, Jeroen, Danaë and Betsie did excellent work counting over 1500 pull tabs at Saxion Applied University Deventer!
  37. Cun sent pull tabs from Heesch, the Netherlands.
  38. René Veldhuizen sent pull tabs from Cambodia.
  39. Helga Bongers sent a tab from Holleweg, Wageningen and is now opting for pull tab family
  40. Charel and Jobbe found a tab at Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg
  41. Gert van Dorland sent a T-1-1 tab from Posbank, Rheden.
  42. Steven sent an S-II-1 tab from Drongen, Belgium
  43. Nick gave me some tabs from Marocco.
  44. Erik Lammers sent tabs from Zutphen, with help from Jos van Dalfsen
  45. Sicco Siegers sent tabs from Brummen and Baak
  46. Steven Mortelmans sent tabs from Drongen, Belgium.
  47. Ivar Schute sent tabs from both Turkish and Cyprian Cyprus.
  48. Jona Lendering (archaeologists) sent tabs from Armenia
  49. Richard Kroes (archaeologists) sent tabs from Iran and Turkey.
  50. Henrietta (archaeologist) sent ring pulls from Syria, Damascus
  51. Renz sent tabs from Wageningen
  52. His sister Zara also sent a tab from Wageningen
  53. Ilonne and Helga sent a tab from Drenthe, from a ‘hunebed’
  54. James Early (archaeologist) sent tabs from the Waterloo Uncovered project, from Mount Saint Jean.
  55. Ellen sent a tab from Arnhem, a T-II oldy
  56. Roderick sent a tab from Heerlen, a C type weirdo tab
  57. Elsbeth (Leiden) sent NO tabs from Iceland, as Iceland has no street-trash. Very cool actually!
  58. Warren Clark sent Pull Tabs from Reno Airbase, Nevada, USA.
  59. First of the year 2020: Maaike de Wit sent a tab from Blauwe Kamer
  60. Ids Wijnen sent tabs from Heesch
  61. Bente Weesie sent tabs from Arnhem and Rozendaalse zand, Velp.
  62. W. Sasaske sent an amazing tab from 1963 from Twentynine Palms, California USA. Check the map!
  63. Alcanne Houtzaager sent a tab from Malta.
  64. Trina Marie sent a tab from Cootharaba, Australia
  65. Charlie Cribb sent a fruity tab from North Carolina
  66. Allart Lakke sent a letter with pictures of his pull tab art
  67. Line Kramer sent tabs from Tunisia
  68. Nick and Jos sent cans from Soesterberg US Airbase
  69. Daniel @Xcavator_team sent a lot of tabs (!!!) from Nordrhein-Westfalen
  70. Kerry Griechen sent an amazing pull tab lamp from Louisiana, see the video.
  71. Edward Otten sent a tab from Openluchtmuseum, boerderij Beerta.
  72. Jericho Nelson (5 yrs!) sent us the very first 1962 pull tab from Montana.
  73. Tommy Nelson (8 yrs! and indeed Jericho’s brother) also caught the spirit and sent us 2 cans from the 70s and a cone top from <1960 from Montana.
  74. Charel & Imke found pull tabs at Wylermeer. B.539
  75. Lara found a rare T-I-5 at the British Coast, Leigh on Sea and one at Sussex Street, London.
  76. Kati Schmidt sent pull tabs from New Providence, New Jersey.
  77. Willem Stegeman sent 1 kilo (!) of Pull Tabs from Dieren.
  78. Lee Thompson sent tabs from Florida, Titusville.
  79. Geoff sent a pull tab from Voorburg.
  80. Hanny Passenier sent a milk can tab from Gorinchem
  81. Joost Huijsing sent pull tabs from Hilversum after he had heard our radio interview
  82. Nettie sent tabs and statab made earrings from Eindhoven
  83. Fred sent tabs from St. Paul, Minnesota (B.587 april 2021)
  84. Finnie sent a 41 feet long chain of pull tabs from Pennsylvania!
  85. Team Treklip sent pull tabs from Santpoort Zuid
  86. Pepijn van de Geer (archaeologist) sent a tab from Groesbeek
  87. Justin Richards sent tabs from Stanbury (and environment) South Australia.
  88. Susan sent a can end from Lützerath.
  89. Anatolijs Venovcevs sent the very first tabs from Canada, and a new type too!
  90. Paolo sent tabs from University of California Berkeley Campus.
  91. marjolijn and line sent tabs from Split, Croatia (B.637)
  92. Miriam Rothenberg sent a pull tab from Providence, found at Roger Williams Square. B.640
  93. Jae sent a tab from New Hampshire, USA
  94. Paul Graves Brown sent a can with a pull tab alternative from Llanelly, Wales (B.652)
  95. Liz sent a tab from Campbells Creek, Australia
  96. Luc Rouws and his son sent pull tabs from Brasil
  97. Nota Pantzou and her students sent tabs from Patras University Campus  (B688 – 2023)
  98. Who will be next?