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Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Send tabs and join the community

Dear metal-detectorists and archaeologists: Please send us your pull tabs!

We dream a global community of pull tabs enthusiasts and specialist. Together we will build the ultimate and complete online pull tab typology of the world and create a beautiful high quality print pull tab typology poster to decorate your office, house, or bedroom, whatever you fancy.

You can be part of the community by sending us you pull tabs or joining at our patreon page.

Why you need to send us your tabs?

Yes, you have to physically send us your tabs. Why? Because we will make a global reference collection and differences between tabs can be minute. To check, and recheck whether tabs are of a certain type we need to physically see, measure and store them. It will cost you a stamp and an envelope – and we will not refund anything – but in reward you will be part of a great crowdsourced archaeology project.

Need help and a shipping form? click on the image.

The guidelines are:

  • Send your pull tabs in a standard envelope to: Pull tabs, Veerstraat 70, 6701 DX, Wageningen, The Netherlands (Europe)
  • Use appropriate number of stamps
  • Include the following data in the envelope:
    1. Your name – will be published on the pull tab role of honor (unless you tell us not to).
    2. Your ’title’, like metal-detectorist, archaeologist, geek.
    3. Preferably also an e-mail address (will be used only to contact you, never sold or passed on)
    4. Country, State (if applicable), City and Street where the pull tab was found. More precise is more better!
    5. If possible GPS coordinates of the find’s location
    6. Add a note that explains if this tab / these tabs were found in the streets, during metal detecting or at an archaeological dig and any other information you think is valuable (like dating information from context / stratigraphy).

Big help: you can also print and fill out the shipping form, which you can find here but feel free to make your own. Just include as much data as you can.

We prefer pull tabs found during metal detecting, archaeological digs or urban and rural street finds. However, I you feel more like scavenging at a local store, please do!

It doesn’t matter whether the tabs a new types or one already in our (older) typology. Send us everything you got, because we also collect geographical information on where each tab can be found / was sold.

Which tabs to send

All tabs! We are trying to do global mapping, so we want to know which tabs can be found in which country. Therefore we do not only want ‘new’ unfamiliar, or old types, we want everything! However, if you are focussed on finding NEW types, you are very welcome. You can see what we already got in the old typology 1.6.

What we will do next?

When we receive your tabs, we will assess your pull tabs and include them in the pull tab database. Your name will be included in the pull tab archaeology role of honor for eternity (unless you object to that.) The full typology will be published on this website


Support us at Patreon

And if you really like the project, you can support us further by joining our patreon community to support the maintenance of this website and production of the world typology.