Archaeology of Pull Tabs

Typology page

Yes, you did it! You found the page which aims to one day be the most complete pull tab overview of…the world! If you want to type or date a certain tab you found, this is the place to come to. (If you are looking for the material version, the Woodstock 2.0 typology, then go to our stuff page.)

Work in progress..

Remember those old websites from the nineties with ‘under construction’ on it? Did we laugh about those silly people who didn’t yet understand a page is ALWAYS under construction…however, this typology page actually is not much different. New pull tabs are found every other week, and i happen to have limited time…so this gallery is indeed…under construction.

But we’ll show you what we’ve got. Pictures are made by Tonnie Wijnen, who happens to be my dad. 😉 If you have comments on how we should set up the typology, please put a comment below this page or email us at info@pulltabarchaeology.com

T-type pull tabs

S-type pull tabs

Still working on this section! you will not see everything yet. Will upload more soon. (15-8-2019)

U tabs

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What we have already.

We still have the old typology version 1.61, of course.  Here is the link. You can use it for now to name your tabs, but know that it is a mere ghost compared to what we will achieve together.

True Vintage…

The first typology of 2014 -Don’t use it! There’s some mistakes on it.

This is what the FIRST version 1.0 looked like! We had quite a laugh back in 2014. 🙂 But don’t use it no more (!) It has some mistakes in it. (If you are looking for the newest version, the Woodstock 2.0 typology, then go to our stuff page.)